Hari Krishnan

Hello There!

Hi, my name is Harikrishnan K R. I am a junior web developer and designer based in Kerala, India.
I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering from APJ Abdul Kalam Technological university.

One of my life principles is "if you are provided with less, you will produce more". This idea lies in parallel with the concept of web development and it is what I understood ever since the day I started learning some basic html and css.

Creative, elegant and minimal design with meaningful content is one of the core principles of artistry itself. Without any doubt, web development is the perfect harmony between artistry and logical mathematics. So, here is an artist talking to you!

Talking more about my life, I live a digitally minimalistic life. I use a flip phone instead of a smartphone therefore I don't use any social networking platforms other than twitter (which one I use for the sake of reaching my clients more and taking on development projects). Such a way of life helps me to do deep work and focus more on my development projects. I believe that is an advantage for my clients too!
I am currently taking on development projects and I love to hear from you!

In the 2018 spring issue of The Hedgehog Review, Alan Jacobs wrote an interesting essay titled
"Tending the Digital Commons" in which he highlights something as follows:

"..We need to revivify and teach others especially-who have never known the open-web to learn to live extramurally: outside the walls of tech giants. What I mean by the open web? I mean the World Wide Web as created by Tim Berners-Lee and extended by later coders. ...if you want to connect and express yourself online, the best way to do so is to own your own website."

So I am here to help you to own your damn digital land!.

Get a website that looks amazing and actually works.

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